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Ashley Mills Monaghan (Ashley Mills Music) is an award winning children's author and musician. Her first book, "A Little Goes a Long Way" won several awards and kept her busy over the years with author visits to schools, museums, book stores and festivals. Monaghan, a former preschool educator and enthusiast, has over 20 years experience working and writing for young children but only started releasing her children's music in 2020. Since then she was labeled 'the one to watch' by Digital Journal and her song 'If I Tell Myself I Can' won third place in an international song competition. More recently, she was hired on to write songs for an animated series pitch, 'The Little Witch' and also composed music for the documentary 'Like, Share, Comment & Subscribe.' She was just nominated as 'Global Artist of the Year' for Funky Kids Radio, Australia. Her song 'Grateful' was also nominated for 'Best Song of the Year' for the same international competition. She has received rave reviews on her releases and has been featured as a special guest on several youtube channels, placed on Spotify playlists, received radio play and has been featured as guests on several podcasts. She was also featured on a full page spread for 'Moms Town Magazine,' which also featured her on the front cover. Ashley still keeps busy teaching in local preschools running the music programs while creating new content for her classes. She also enjoys teaching her piano students from her home studio. She is currently working on releasing her full album 'Good Times' which will be released later on this year. 

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